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Wall effect on Lift and Drag Forces

A short discussion on lateral wall effect on Lift/Drag Forces on a rigid body in a flow. And a question, too. Based on my knowledge, forces on rigid bodies in a flow stream are given for an undefined flow field, … Continue reading

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MATLAB Functions for Computer Vision and Image Processing

Peter Kovesi of School of Computer Science & Software Engineering – The University of Western Australia wrote some Matlab functions for image processing. I used them, founding interesting hints for my works. The m files can be downloaded following this … Continue reading

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AIOM Off-shore and Marine Engineering Association

AIOM is the Italian Association for Off-Shore and Marine Engineering. AIOM publishes periodically a technical bulletin in italian language. People interested in publishing technical articles, in italian, can submit them for evaluation to AIOM bulletins are freely downloadable from … Continue reading

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Navier-Stokes on matlab (reprise): ifiss 2.2

Follow this link to a useful (and free) matlab code that is basically a PDE solver adapted to common problems like diffusion, convection-diffusion, Stokes flow and Navier-Stokes flow problems (incompressible fluid dynamics). I am talking about ifiss2.2 or Incompressible Flow … Continue reading

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2-D unstructured mesh Matlab generator

MESH2D is a toolbox for the generation and manipulation of unstructured triangular meshes in MATLAB. High quality meshes can be generated automatically for user defined geometries. These meshes are suitable for subsequent Finite Element Method or Finite Volume Method analysis. … Continue reading

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2-D Navier-Stokes equations Matlab solver

I am pretty sure that any hydraulic engineer wants to have a code for integrating Navier-Stokes equations over a complex domain. Fortunately there are some cool guys who share their work.This is what Navier-Stokes Solver (Navier2d) is: a Matlab solver … Continue reading

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Confined seepage in Matlab

By using Partial Differential Equation Toolbox of Matlab language, I generated a simple problem of confined seepage. To use it save flow_v2.m (mouse right button and save destination as) open Matlab; type pdetool at the Matlab command line; open saved … Continue reading

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Mathematical Modelling of Groundwater Flow (for Engineers)

A Canadian environmental engineer friend of mine asked me a consultancy on Groundwater Mathematical Modelling; water seepage through levees, in his case. I took this occasion for updating my personal list of softwares (free, partially free, and not free) that … Continue reading

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MATLAB DFS interface

DHI released the new MATLAB DFS interface library. This is a major extension compared to the previous version (2004). The new version supports e.g. read and write of flexible mesh data (dfsu 2D and 3D). From DHIgroup website, I see … Continue reading

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be free, be open

Who doesn’t know (and use) Matlab? Personally, I used to take great advantage of its powerful toolboxes to achieve my hydraulics-related tasks. But in France I made an interesting discovery. I’ve been using this open-source Matlab alternative during the past … Continue reading

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