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The capacitor problem

Hi, here is how I managed to solve the “capacitor problem”, i.e. how I would try to transform a small system of (linear) capacitors in something more similar to a lake characterized by his (non-linear) storage capacity curve. As explained … Continue reading

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Venice as a RC-circuit

After sharing with my public my funny ideas about an electric-analogical model of the Venice lagoon, I can now proudly show you the first results: using this tool I could make the first essays. It was kindly published by Israel … Continue reading

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Electric lagoon

This is not a post, this is a call: a call for help. Long time ago I thought about modelling the Venice lagoon in a different way. You know, there are already many kinds of models, conceived for a better … Continue reading

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Water quality model: a case study

My experience in water quality modelling is quite limited: just an application on marine dispersion based on bidimensional grid but with only one quality variable in it, a generic “pollutant” relative concentration. Really barbaric, in some way, but effective too: … Continue reading

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Navier-Stokes on matlab (reprise): ifiss 2.2

Follow this link to a useful (and free) matlab code that is basically a PDE solver adapted to common problems like diffusion, convection-diffusion, Stokes flow and Navier-Stokes flow problems (incompressible fluid dynamics). I am talking about ifiss2.2 or Incompressible Flow … Continue reading

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Photovoltaic electricity potential

Italian ecological sensitivity has been finally awaken by the money smell. It’s not a hot news, but recent laws that favour investments in solar photovoltaic and thermal fields has achieved a substantial grow in public attention to this “ecological” theme. … Continue reading

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Dam removal

These days dam removal is a hot subject. Even Wired News talks about it. First, some data: about 800000 dams in the world, and 45000 higher than 15m; a majority of them has been built after world war II, i.e. … Continue reading

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Less corn, more soybean

Biofuels are good, they say, but how much? Quantification is a good habit, in general, and before lighting dogmatic flames on energetic-agricultural politics, in particular. Think about precisely accounting a Net Energetic Balance (NEB), economic benefits and environmental impacts of … Continue reading

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Stanford multi-camera array

Not my field at all. I’m just intrigued by this nice project developed at the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. I can’t comment, but I hope that Alvise will.

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Simulations on dedicated, high-performance hardware

While all my colleagues are completely absorbed in the last fine tuning of their .ppt presentations (good luck guys!) for IAHR 2007 Conference in Venice, I spend my days (and nights) scanning the web in search of interesting stuff for … Continue reading

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