2-D unstructured mesh Matlab generator

MESH2D is a toolbox for the generation and manipulation of unstructured triangular meshes in MATLAB.

High quality meshes can be generated automatically for user defined geometries. These meshes are suitable for subsequent Finite Element Method or Finite Volume Method analysis.

MESH2D is a Delaunay based algorithm with a “Laplacian-like” smoothing operation built into the mesh generation process. An unbalanced quadtree decomposition is used to evaluate the element size distribution required to resolve the geometry. The quadtree is triangulated and used as a backgorund mesh to store the element size data. The main method attempts to optimise the node location and mesh topology through an iterative process. In each step a constrained delaunay triangulation is generated with a series of “Laplacian-like” smoothing operations used to improve triangle quality. Nodes are added or removed from the mesh to ensure the required element size distribution is approximated.

MESH2D is Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Darren Engwirda (d_engwirda@hotmail.com).MESH2D is distributed under the GNU GPL.

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